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After eight years of, is time for a new place:

See you there! FWA Mobile of the Day

My zoomable portfolio site,, has been named today for TheFWA Mobile of the Day: wins a 2013 SXSW Interactive Award

Yes! Extremely happy to announce that yesterday I won my second SXSW Interactive Awards (the first in 2007) in the “Personal” category for my portfolio site, with a responsive zoomable user interface completely made in SVG.

Marco Rosella 2013 SXSW Winner Personal Site

Marco Rosella 2013 SXSW Winner Personal Site

rosellapersonalsxsw2013 nominated for The 16th Webby Awards

I’m happy to announce that has been nominated at the Webby Awards (“the Internet’s most respected symbol of success”) for the “Personal Blog / Website” category.

You can support my project voting for the People Voice Awards.

Thanks! a zoomable interface with SVG

Last december 15th, I wrote in this blog: “Anyway, I’m currently working on a new site, my “self-titled”, maybe online next week.”
Well, the ‘maybe’ was useful for the following days because the challenge I imposed to myself was very hard: after, I wanted to show in a HTML5 site one the main super-power of SVG, scalability, creating a zoomable interface like the epic series of Flash sites of the late 90s that introduced the concept of depth in web design, something usual after the arrival of Google Maps.

(This is a post in progress)

Nomination at the SXSW Interactive Awards

Just a quick note to announce that for the second time (I won in 2007 as ‘Best CSS’) I’ve been named as a finalist – with – for the SXSW Interactive Awards in the ‘Motion Graphics’ category. Go SVG, go!

Awwwards SotD and more…

After two months and half, it seems that has been well received out there, from SVG/HTML5 guys to motion graphics passionates to simple video lovers, not forgetting my neighbour Gustavo – a man with very personal tastes – that says that is “Ok.”.

For example, it won:

Awwwards Site of Day

CSS Design Awards SOTD

The 1° position in Design Charts

or for example the continue reading…->

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