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Tips & chips

Something about CSS:

*remark subtitle movie’s emphasis:
“It’s their road. (punto, accapo)
It’s their rule.”


it’s what I said you. I was dreaming that I fall.”

(update: there’s also a Bush version.)

Svg sharing

SVG world begin slowly to push ahead: 3400 clips on Open Clip Art (there’s also feed RSS).

Realtime editing

How to insert a video with Plone? Oscar show the way in this paradoxical videopost about videopost.

Svg for four

[scarica il plugin – (istruzioni Mozilla)]

Two about Svg

– As many of you knows, to view an SVG file with Firefox is needed the installation of this plugin after this instructions.
Or to download Firefox 1.1 (update: now 1.5) with native support, already disponible in alpha under Deer Park Alpha 1 war name. To continue to utilize this plugin with this version too, suggest an extention that,setting the svg.enabled in Deer Park’s about:config allow to disable the SVG plugin inside it.
If you want to know my two cents, I advise to use the good old plugin, and if you to test it after installing, you can click in KevLinDev samples, or to see this worldmap, Treebuilder or Galactic Pathways.

RomeLogoContest, the choose of newJava Rss and atOM utilitiEs symbol under several projects send in SVG format.

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