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Powerxml preview

From 15 to 18 august in Enschede, Netherlands, will be Svg Open, the 4° world conference dedicated to scalable vector graphics.
There will be a bit of Italy: Maurizio Tesconi e Andrea Marchetti from CNR of Pisa will introduce PowerXML, a tool fully in XML for the creation of presentations.
With the soul will appearCentral Scrutinizer, too, because I contribute, between the other things, at the design of project.
Slow with the curiosity: I’ll tell you about PowerXML in the next months, while here is the paper of presentation.

Design Cliches

Every idea jump in your head, the same idea has been already think by someone.

This is not always true, but before the creation of any graphic symbol, it’s suggested to look at the list containedin this post of Speak Up.
I extract this ‘clichè’ from first comment:

Flush-left Helvetica (or other favourite sans) over large areas of flat colour.

Exact, because is simple to realize and with a good effect.
First example in my mind is advertisign campaign (that I can’t to find now) by Knoll created by NB: Studio. (well, this two sites show the technique.)
Do you remember something similar? Next month I write a post at this purpose, so

Stay Tuned.

Flash News

Making of a brick



Fly Guy (a classic, but continue to cherish this man.)

Mountain View, i’m coming.

I’ve received an offer I can’t refuse, so tomorrow all the world searches will be done in this way.

(pss, i used Logogle)

Your forms insult to you?

Take a look to Niceforms.

Cut & paste and flod & drop

Someone says that Microsoft OS wasn’t ever as an ‘open book’: with this Java technique, instead, in some way is possible to flick through his windows.

[thanks Antonio]

I found him /3

New myth of the week: Andy Potts, illustrator.

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