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Two looks /4

A squared look: Firewheel Design.
A rounded look: Komodo Media.

Gun robh math agaibh

This is not the name of a function, but “thanks” says in Gaelic language draw by “How to say ‘Thank you’ in many languages” *.

Yes, I know there are terms more significant to know.
For example, you can check on this page.
Or in this (but please use an educate mood when you say that).

* [via CreativeGuy]

In my phone there’s an svg, yes

un cellulare che supporta SVG A Nokia guide (in PDF) to create MMS with SVG and SMIL in phone that support this languages.
List of availabe phone in this page. (Uhm…goood this…)


And now, advertising.

frame from Telecom Italia spot with gandhi4 spots that you can’t lose suggested by lavapiubianco.

98 spots that you can’t lose suggested by Ad-awards.

(and Italy? Only with Telecom ad where Gandhi knock a call center operator because his phone doesn’t find the net.)

[by the way, I found in my mind that Weird Al Yanchovich’s movie, UHF, contained the trailer of filmGandhi II, insn’t it?]

Cartoon fonts

Find you font for the dialog of your cartoons?
First, start from here:
Comic Book fonts

and then go along with:

1001 fonts


A sign collection

Swanksigns: the zen and the art of interpretation of signs.
Best “possible explanations” …let me see… this, this, this, this e this.

I’m sorry, but I have leave the post in “no synonymous” zone.

[read by zed on loom]

Every tag a color

By a rapid calculation I did before sleep, i found that colours visualizzabili displayed by a browser are 16,777,216.
Why don’t to associate a tag to a color – or better to a color scheme?
While I wake up in a burst overriding a thumbsnack on the floor, I remember the existence of, a site a site that allow you to catalogue colours inserting his hexadecimal code, or extrapolating them from whichever image. (here the how to)

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