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Magazine covers

una copertina di TimeSome collections of magazine covers:

Life, from ’37 tom ’72.
Time, from ’23 to ’05.
Mad, from ’52 to ’05 (and there’s also a panoramic Flash version).
Esquire, from ’33 to ’05.
and the italian – TV Sorrisi e Canzoni ,from ’52 to ’05.

(About newspapers, i suggested some links in this archivied post.).


Blummy is an useful instrument to include in only a window, visualized trought a browser bookmark, a direct link to same web applications as Rojo,, Flickr, MyYahoo etc, etc…with a drag’n’ drop AJAX powered.
(since it’s use the javascript libraryPrototype, the same of

Recovery. . .

. . . of weekend’s links:
– The style in synthesis: CSS Shorthand Guide.

The Bubble Project

The Bubble ProjectTo place 15,000 sticker with an empty bubble on ad poster of New York, to wait that the fury armed by pens and brushes do his task e to photograph the result: the The Bubble Project‘ s creator idea.
(Ah, for your town here is the .pdfs for the stickers. )

Copying the copy

Coloribus, a gallery dedicated to most original and irriverent graphic advertising.
Very interesting Admirror, the section dedicated to presumed plagiarism: those from Coloribus hate them in so far that they suggest, in a honest way that I apprecied, a similar site called JoeLaPompe (i don’t think it’s linked to this category) .

(By the way, about web plagiarism… Pirates Sites and Ripper Hunting. (via totanus feat. qbic).

A swagrool tagging

Music, dvd, electronics, books and obviously tag over tag in a new social application called Swagrool.

A flash mapping

i) Strange animations by Raku-gaki.

ii) A jump in the past (an Amstrad… 1989…) and into prickles with

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