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– …a blog.
– …a magazine in PDF.

Abstract Font

More 10000 free fonts offered by Abstract Font.


1) The site’s little but esentially particularities stored in Devil’s Details.

2)The CSS directory with big screenshot: Screenspire.


To open a blog is not fashionable, now. Also a photoblog, a videoblog, an audioblog, a tactblog, un k-log.
For to dumbfound your coworker sateless of newnesses, here is in your help Ning, a service that allow to create “social applications” as Craiglist, Match, Zagat, Flickr, Facebook, & Hot or Not.
It will work? I’l try to find something interesting betweenthe 113 applications already created , ma I doubt in my intent.

Thanks to the Zeldman‘s link in every post i found Talkr, a service that allow to convertire trought vocal synthesizer the feed of your blog in Mp3 format.
An example: original post by Roger Johansson and Mp3 version.
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