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Colour Scheme Chooser

A tool to choose the colors of your brand-new template.

Two looks /5

A capital char look: Sinelogic Press.
A small char look: RDN05.


Particolare dal sito vectoreal.comSome news linked by serendipity:
While Firefox 1.5 arrive today to Release Candidate 2, Vectoreal released a script supporting SMIL animations (so tags like <animateMotion>, <animateTransform> etc..) still absent in SVG native plugin of new born in home Mozilla. This is a testing SVG. (and, as usual, for Firefox 1.x, Explorer, Opera 7.x users here’s the Adobe plugin) |inline

Technorati’s Apis + Ajax

Logo Technorati ApisUpdate: a new version of the script is available here.

Inspired by the swiss example, one week ago Luca Conti launched the proposal to create an italian blogs ranking based on Technorati.
To the point, searching for a simple way to made it, I found and suggested Duck Soup, a PHP library that allow simple utilization of all the infos served by Technorati’s APIs.

Using its BlogInfoQuery support, I create an AJAX powered simple way that returns the datas that Technorati links to every blog.

Here’s the example: just enter the URL of your blog, click the button and wait two seconds.

Technorati’s Blog Info

How it works?

The Form Restaurant

Nice FormsWaiter: Good Morning, Sir.
Customer: Good Morning. I’d like inputs form two. Something…to satisfy my submit appetite.
Waiter: Here’s our day’s menu: |inline

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