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The X from JSON – first part

jlogo.jpgSometimes happens in this way.
After only two years, even that which seems to be a great love begin to shows its cracks.
As that wasn’t anything, the friends don’t stay on your side: “But are you sure about what you’re doing? Don’t you think that you chose that wrong way, this time too?” “That’s wrong, I believe in this relation, nobody will divide us!”
That ‘nobody’ unfortunately is here now, and has a name: JSON, a new format based on javascript that in these days begin to fight his way in the world of the description and the exchange of the data, introducing itself as an alternative to the old, dear XML.
Before to advance to XML a reflection break that will mean the certain end, I’d like to explore better my heart to find – if not an aswer – at least a suggestion about to with safety some important decisions for our future, whose I don’t stop to believe.


The Text Changer

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Logo Trends 2006

Logo di Brainfloss, MINEWithout a particular reason, some days ago I was giving a look to the already suggested “Logo Trends? of 2005, in other words some common solution to the different identity crisis.
Discerning the pubblication month (april), I asked myself if something similar would be published this year too, and I found two minutes later the (for me) brand-new – The 2006 Report By Bill Gardner.
To find a cure to the unusual, serious absence of a chart, here’s my personal liking lists: first three were been awarded with a prestigious – let alone enviable – bold char. |inline

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