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From technorati to trackrati /1

particular of the Technorati 
API logo In a post of ten days ago, Massimo of DTCM asked to his geek audience: |inline


bzaar1.gifLast week I took part in the first italian BarCamp unconference,BzaarCamp, in Milan.
I had the pleasure to meet in real world some notorious names, re-embrace old myths and exchange opinions, rumors and jokes with italic geek unknows before that I straight away add (their blogs, not the persons) to my feedreader. |inline

Web 2.0 ‘exit etc. – update

Some people asked me how to insert the “Web 2.0 ‘exit strategy’ badges” in their sites, so I made -for everyone who want to try to change their life- a .zip with the PNGs and Photoshop sources inside.
Before display the link to it:

1) If you want make new exit strategy badges from scratch, my favourite badge tutorial (for Photoshop) is the one from ‘Bartelme Design’: part one & part two.

2) A collection of sites badges-armed is available in one of the chapter of ‘Design Melt Down’: part one & part two.

3) Don’t forget to link the image to URL:
You’ll make my dinner with bread, a little slice of onion and tears under the light of PC less bitter.

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