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To introduce my new experiment, I will begin from my memories like grannies or business managers with black long-sleeved mock turtleneck.
In late 2003/first months of 2004 I was exploring, among the other things, two new aspects of the web world:
(next slide- stock image with people angry with computers and smiling videomakers on fisheye)
SVG: the Scalable Vector Graphics standard that deceived a lot of people for his potential alternative to Macromedia Flash, but was stopped from the lack of Microsoft native support until the born of Explorer 9. Here’s a simple file i made later for this blog for the first Mozilla native support, or here’s the paper of the tool i worked for as researcher, introduced at SVG Open 2005);
videoblogs: a lot of expert or wannabe videomakers started to use the web to let their creation available to people as .mov files linked by thumbnails in Blogspot posts, extending the experience to the jungle of icons of your desktop where the files were downloaded.

(next slide- stock image of a dawn and smiling people playing ring-a-ring-a-roses [or better, rosellas])
thanks to Javascript libraries like SVGWeb or Dmitry Baranovskiy’s Raphaël (that I chose) plus the native support the target of SVG is near to 95%, and in the years i collected hundreds of motion graphics masterpieces or vintage unforgettable footage, so I could created in last few days a circular rotating paper’s collage-like HTML5-powered motion graphics primitive shapes SVG animations-fueled like-and-favourites-from-Vimeo-and-Youtube showcase as the fourth version of :

(next slide- stock image of handshake)
Updates (still some bugs around) in this post or in my Twitter or Facebook profiles.


Neeeeeeeew experiment, “The Bignamovies”:

I only mixed 5 Second Movies with Three Frames ideas shortening a movie in a .gif of 60 frames.

The “Bignami” are small italian books with synthesis of main topics that saved a lot of poorstudentsthatohmygodtheresaconcertthisnightandihavetostudyhistorybuthey!: ihaveasolution!’s time.

You are free to get the .gif you want and post it in your blog, forum, myspace, facebook, tumblr and similar, and to suggest movies to bignamove in this Facebook page.

Blues Brothers

Subject ^ Re:design

Un immagine da \"Procrastination\", di Johnny KellyAs you can see since some months weeks days the new version of this site is now online.
The late english blog is now in homepage while the italian one in /italiano (yeah, a mess.), I updated the page with useful infos in case you would pretend to be me at a party and I added a page with the last fruits of my labour.

About graphics, except for the posts that alternate for the title and the link the 6 colors of this version as already see in the Whitezone (whereof is the negative) I postponed the choose of a new font that will replace the old Dirty Ego by the grand master Eduardo Recife used since the second version dated back to 2005. Who imaged that in a few years it will transformed in a Dirty Egoverrated?

Latest changes is something that match uselessness and approximation: a blackboard made in flash (not yet finished!) which to color the part of the layout leave empty for the shift on the left.

To give meaning to this post, the Daft Punk played with a theremin:

9 simple design doubts * 1 x

illab.jpgThe web world is in continuous evolution, except this blog. (a little pause where has been excluded my almost constantly update page on

In this post and three following ones I’d like to tell you about some little design doubts I had making two extra-work sites, with related solution links-equipped. (more…)


bzaar1.gifLast week I took part in the first italian BarCamp unconference,BzaarCamp, in Milan.
I had the pleasure to meet in real world some notorious names, re-embrace old myths and exchange opinions, rumors and jokes with italic geek unknows before that I straight away add (their blogs, not the persons) to my feedreader. |inline

The Horizontal Way

Particolar of my new site The Horizontal WayTo introduce the topic of this very short post I’ll cite-myself three times:

[…]But I ask myself again: why so few people used or use now horizontal templates?[…] (23 january)

[…]Without losing my mind I taked advantage of the free time for: 1) to begin a new project based on an old idea;[…] (21 march)

[…]Next time we will explore the small world of the horizontal layouts more in the details, […] (31 march)

No, Python and IPv6 aren’t in topic. Either the “Digg effect” applied to love relations, I’m sorry.
With some months of delay, it’s time to ask your opinions about:


250 rates collection: Internet + epilogue

250 rates logoThis is the tenth and last episode of Central Scrutinizer 250 rates collection, the re-order of all the resources suggested in 2005.

(continue from here: CSS, Js & Php, Flash & Accessibility, Typography, Colors, Graphic Projects, XML, Blog & Vlog, Video)

We are arrived at the ending: today we’ll see again the default category of this blog assigned to collect the topic related to the past e above alla
the future of that alienor parallel world called Internet, or better Web.
Which we can’t live (luckily or unfortunately?) without.

History of the web

When we looked at the world through a Netscape 3.

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