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SwissmissA nice blog dedicated to design, web, branding and other stuffs.

250 rates collection: Javascript & Php

250 rates logoThis is the second episode of Central Scrutinizer 250 rates collection, the re-order of all the resources suggested in 2005. [introduction (in italian, ill post it in english soon)]

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The light dinamicity. |inline

250 rates collection: CSS

250 rates logoThis is the first of Central Scrutinizer 250 rates collection, the re-order of all the resources suggested in 2005. [introduction in italian language – i’ll post in english soon]

We start with the first macro-section, DESIGN, or better with his sub-category “Web design (and web development)”: tutorial, examples, galleries and various resources about CSS, Flash, Javascript , PHP and accessibility.


Base tutorials

To start and review. |inline

Technorati’s Apis + Ajax

Logo Technorati ApisUpdate: a new version of the script is available here.

Inspired by the swiss example, one week ago Luca Conti launched the proposal to create an italian blogs ranking based on Technorati.
To the point, searching for a simple way to made it, I found and suggested Duck Soup, a PHP library that allow simple utilization of all the infos served by Technorati’s APIs.

Using its BlogInfoQuery support, I create an AJAX powered simple way that returns the datas that Technorati links to every blog.

Here’s the example: just enter the URL of your blog, click the button and wait two seconds.

Technorati’s Blog Info

How it works?

The 9rules hypothetical quotations

9 rulesIf you follow web world with a certain regularity you surely know the operations that carried two “small” services linked to the blogosphere to be acquired – for high numbers – by two colossuses of informatics.


As I suggest a bit of time ago, it’s online NerdTV, an online show by Pbs an interview series to some gurus of informatics world.
This week appear in the “guests” Max Levchin (c’รจ anche la trascrizione*), co-founder of Pay-Pal (I ask myself with system they used to pay him), next week the founder of Internet Archive Brewster Kahle e in the last – from what I seen- shows the Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt (22 november) and Linus Torvalds (29 novembre).

*I catched a glimpse to these rows:

Bob: So right now it’s, I don’t know, it’s like 10 in the morning, something like that. What has – what was your last 24 hours like?

Max Levchin: […] And in between I walked my dog a couple of times. And I saw my girlfriend for an hour. Because I went to have – I had some kefir with my girlfriend. You know what that is? Kefir?

Bob: Yeah?

Max Levchin: It’s a sour milk drink.

Bob: Mm-hmm.

Max Levchin: It’s really good. It’s a Russian delicacy.[…]

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From screenplay to direction: with a standing ovation’s design Kinobit, the videoblog by Strelnik.

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