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vlog.itFrom today is online first version of videoblog gallery

You can submit your vlog e your best videopost in this page, and follow updating thru the feed RSS, the feed RDF or the Klipfolio klip .
About design you can look on it as a pre-alpha versione, I’ll work on it to delete various cut&paste.
More info at this address – or more professional


YubNub is a rivolutionay command line for the web.
…in other words it carry the use of commands as in an ordinary sheel (for example “mkdir” to create a directory, “ls” for the list of files etc.) to refine the search in the sea of informazions indexed by search engines.
Typing a particular command before the word choose by you, you will be redirect to the search engine related to the command: Typing deli design you’ll obtain of tag design in, or with wp computer the page in Wikipedia dedicated to computer.
This is the list of available commands (an infinity), but naturally is possible to add new: for example, along the series “dirting the web of inutility”, Typing scrut plus some word you’ll do a search directly in Central Scrutinizer.

[via Qbic]

Vlog & + Vlog

– The crazynews by Andrew Baron and Amanda Congdon

– Coming soon (6 september) NerdTV.

Tre on videoblog

Tre, an italian telephony company launch a service called “VideoBlog” .

I found him /2

My new myth of the week is called David Parker e I suggested his strange animazioni .gif animations: shorts, b3ta e 3d.
In the case you get passionate of this gender, there’s also a tutorial dedicate to create your gif animation, but I alert you: there’s to lost the head.

Realtime editing

How to insert a video with Plone? Oscar show the way in this paradoxical videopost about videopost.

Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

I’m going to travel to a misterious island in Mediterranean sea that will take me far from this pages. Here’s some links to mitigate the wait:

Ten good practices for writing JavaScript in 2005
Internet Tiny Awards
Drag & Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS
20 Questions
SVG 1.1 Reference with sample
Everybody! Everybody!
Highlighting PHP with semantic HTML
CSS Color Chart
– BBC Motion Gallery

Napoleone Dynamite Soundboard
Type Drawing
Roba che scovavo nel Postalmarket
Bit Torrent + RSS =Next Big Thing
How to detect lies.


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