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To introduce my new experiment, I will begin from my memories like grannies or business managers with black long-sleeved mock turtleneck.
In late 2003/first months of 2004 I was exploring, among the other things, two new aspects of the web world:
(next slide- stock image with people angry with computers and smiling videomakers on fisheye)
SVG: the Scalable Vector Graphics standard that deceived a lot of people for his potential alternative to Macromedia Flash, but was stopped from the lack of Microsoft native support until the born of Explorer 9. Here’s a simple file i made later for this blog for the first Mozilla native support, or here’s the paper of the tool i worked for as researcher, introduced at SVG Open 2005);
videoblogs: a lot of expert or wannabe videomakers started to use the web to let their creation available to people as .mov files linked by thumbnails in Blogspot posts, extending the experience to the jungle of icons of your desktop where the files were downloaded.

(next slide- stock image of a dawn and smiling people playing ring-a-ring-a-roses [or better, rosellas])
thanks to Javascript libraries like SVGWeb or Dmitry Baranovskiy’s Raphaël (that I chose) plus the native support the target of SVG is near to 95%, and in the years i collected hundreds of motion graphics masterpieces or vintage unforgettable footage, so I could created in last few days a circular rotating paper’s collage-like HTML5-powered motion graphics primitive shapes SVG animations-fueled like-and-favourites-from-Vimeo-and-Youtube showcase as the fourth version of :

(next slide- stock image of handshake)
Updates (still some bugs around) in this post or in my Twitter or Facebook profiles.


As I suggest a bit of time ago, it’s online NerdTV, an online show by Pbs an interview series to some gurus of informatics world.
This week appear in the “guests” Max Levchin (c’è anche la trascrizione*), co-founder of Pay-Pal (I ask myself with system they used to pay him), next week the founder of Internet Archive Brewster Kahle e in the last – from what I seen- shows the Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt (22 november) and Linus Torvalds (29 novembre).

*I catched a glimpse to these rows:

Bob: So right now it’s, I don’t know, it’s like 10 in the morning, something like that. What has – what was your last 24 hours like?

Max Levchin: […] And in between I walked my dog a couple of times. And I saw my girlfriend for an hour. Because I went to have – I had some kefir with my girlfriend. You know what that is? Kefir?

Bob: Yeah?

Max Levchin: It’s a sour milk drink.

Bob: Mm-hmm.

Max Levchin: It’s really good. It’s a Russian delicacy.[…]

No comment.


From screenplay to direction: with a standing ovation’s design Kinobit, the videoblog by Strelnik. 1.0 – videoblog gallery

vlog.itFrom today is online first version of videoblog gallery

You can submit your vlog e your best videopost in this page, and follow updating thru the feed RSS, the feed RDF or the Klipfolio klip .
About design you can look on it as a pre-alpha versione, I’ll work on it to delete various cut&paste.
More info at this address – or more professional

Vlog & + Vlog

– The crazynews by Andrew Baron and Amanda Congdon

– Coming soon (6 september) NerdTV.

Tre on videoblog

Tre, an italian telephony company launch a service called “VideoBlog” .

I found him /2

My new myth of the week is called David Parker e I suggested his strange animazioni .gif animations: shorts, b3ta e 3d.
In the case you get passionate of this gender, there’s also a tutorial dedicate to create your gif animation, but I alert you: there’s to lost the head.

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