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Essen Taste and SE/EMM at the Milano Design Week

From april 12th to april 14th, Milano will be invaded by the best industrial and graphic designers for the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the largest decoration trade fair in the world supported by tons of events of different nature.
I’m lucky to be active with two projects: as art director of Essen | A taste magazine at at the Big Cake with thePantone big cake (april 15th); at the Appartamento Lago there will be, instead, “Mani in pasta”, the live cooking of Kim Neill’s colourful Pantone Cookies ® (16th and 17th).
After the jump, the dedicated flyer: (more…)

Essen | A taste magazine

I recently (december 2010) put online my latest design, an italian – also in english language – magazine dedicated to food style, Essen | A taste magazine.

Here’s the top of the homepage…


Riders Hachette

My titles of the Riders magazine’s journey around the eco-beauty of Italy, “Ricarica Italia“.
The music is made by me, too, in collaboration with Ray Banhoff, the main character of the adventure.

The Wave Picture

The artwork for a gig (presented among the others by Vitaminic and Rolling Stone) in Milan with The Wave Pictures (Interbang Records) and Green Like July:

Wave Picture artwork by Marco Rosella


New artwork for a two days electronic festival in Milano organized by Vitaminic and SAE Institute.

Bounce #1

My artwork for an electro party next week in Milano. (where I also will play as S.M.! with the guest Supabeatz and Simon Says:, A Mouse Ment and DES.)
Don’t miss itmyspace! :-D

Subject ^ Re:design

Un immagine da \"Procrastination\", di Johnny KellyAs you can see since some months weeks days the new version of this site is now online.
The late english blog is now in homepage while the italian one in /italiano (yeah, a mess.), I updated the page with useful infos in case you would pretend to be me at a party and I added a page with the last fruits of my labour.

About graphics, except for the posts that alternate for the title and the link the 6 colors of this version as already see in the Whitezone (whereof is the negative) I postponed the choose of a new font that will replace the old Dirty Ego by the grand master Eduardo Recife used since the second version dated back to 2005. Who imaged that in a few years it will transformed in a Dirty Egoverrated?

Latest changes is something that match uselessness and approximation: a blackboard made in flash (not yet finished!) which to color the part of the layout leave empty for the shift on the left.

To give meaning to this post, the Daft Punk played with a theremin:

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