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The Horizontal Way

Particolar of my new site The Horizontal WayTo introduce the topic of this very short post I’ll cite-myself three times:

[…]But I ask myself again: why so few people used or use now horizontal templates?[…] (23 january)

[…]Without losing my mind I taked advantage of the free time for: 1) to begin a new project based on an old idea;[…] (21 march)

[…]Next time we will explore the small world of the horizontal layouts more in the details, […] (31 march)

No, Python and IPv6 aren’t in topic. Either the “Digg effect” applied to love relations, I’m sorry.
With some months of delay, it’s time to ask your opinions about:


250 rates collection: Flash & Accessibility

250 rates logoThis is the third episode of Central Scrutinizer 250 rates collection, the re-order of all the resources suggested in 2005. [introduction in italian language – i’ll post in english soon]

For the last post of the section Design->Web Design two categories almost at the antipodals: Flash and Accessibility.

(continue from here: CSS, Js & Php)


Effects and animations

The dance of Key and Frame” |inline

Light reading links

Reading LinksA complete series of resources related to the readability of a web page.

Thanks to the Zeldman‘s link in every post i found Talkr, a service that allow to convertire trought vocal synthesizer the feed of your blog in Mp3 format.
An example: original post by Roger Johansson and Mp3 version.
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