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The SkimOff

SkimCSSSome minutes ago I found a new social aggregator called SkimCSS: a seriesof sources -suggested by users – linked exclusively to CSS and related web languages (taht is to say a big number).
I don’t know if you have already seen that, but It seems to be a kind of spin-off of section Design in Digg.

250 rates collection: CSS

250 rates logoThis is the first of Central Scrutinizer 250 rates collection, the re-order of all the resources suggested in 2005. [introduction in italian language – i’ll post in english soon]

We start with the first macro-section, DESIGN, or better with his sub-category “Web design (and web development)”: tutorial, examples, galleries and various resources about CSS, Flash, Javascript , PHP and accessibility.


Base tutorials

To start and review. |inline

Two looks /6

A “very slim look!”: Cabana Digital.
A “very wide look!”: UX Magazine.

(Update: To the point, I found a new CSS gallery called CSS Empire.)

Hasta la lista!


Two looks /5

A capital char look: Sinelogic Press.
A small char look: RDN05.

The Form Restaurant

Nice FormsWaiter: Good Morning, Sir.
Customer: Good Morning. I’d like inputs form two. Something…to satisfy my submit appetite.
Waiter: Here’s our day’s menu: |inline

Recovery. . .

. . . of weekend’s links:
– The style in synthesis: CSS Shorthand Guide.

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