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250 rates collection: Flash & Accessibility

250 rates logoThis is the third episode of Central Scrutinizer 250 rates collection, the re-order of all the resources suggested in 2005. [introduction in italian language – i’ll post in english soon]

For the last post of the section Design->Web Design two categories almost at the antipodals: Flash and Accessibility.

(continue from here: CSS, Js & Php)


Effects and animations

The dance of Key and Frame” |inline


Inspired by Photoshop Tennis (the exchange of images added every time with a different layer) the italian project LayerMatch stimulates the creation of this kind of collaborative artworks and display the growth and the final results in instructive and impressive step-by-step movies.

Magazine covers

una copertina di TimeSome collections of magazine covers:

Life, from ’37 tom ’72.
Time, from ’23 to ’05.
Mad, from ’52 to ’05 (and there’s also a panoramic Flash version).
Esquire, from ’33 to ’05.
and the italian – TV Sorrisi e Canzoni ,from ’52 to ’05.

(About newspapers, i suggested some links in this archivied post.).

A flash mapping

i) Strange animations by Raku-gaki.

ii) A jump in the past (an Amstrad… 1989…) and into prickles with

The bell, the desk

The school is the main set (but what time is it?) in the beautiful site of newyorkers P.S. 260.

Flash News

Making of a brick



Fly Guy (a classic, but continue to cherish this man.)

Let’s typograph?

– Do you remember the sIFR technique that I use for this blog’s title I mentioning some time ago?
Well, I consist in a Flash movie that replace, via Javascript, the not-system font you prefer: FontSmack give away hundreds of .swf movie with various font ordered obviously by tag.
There’s also the blog. , a wiki to decode the 50,000 Unicode chars. (“Uhm…this…doctor can you add me another diopter in left eye?”)

– Futurism born again with Typedrawing, a flash site with thousand of images build with chars only: masterpiece in black & white.

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