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A bit of Flash

The destiny of the modern man slave of the female universe. (personal interpretation).

Jay is, a blog fully dedicated to Flash games – includedthose about escape.


it’s what I said you. I was dreaming that I fall.”

(update: there’s also a Bush version.)

Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

I’m going to travel to a misterious island in Mediterranean sea that will take me far from this pages. Here’s some links to mitigate the wait:

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Internet Tiny Awards
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20 Questions
SVG 1.1 Reference with sample
Everybody! Everybody!
Highlighting PHP with semantic HTML
CSS Color Chart
– BBC Motion Gallery

Napoleone Dynamite Soundboard
Type Drawing
Roba che scovavo nel Postalmarket
Bit Torrent + RSS =Next Big Thing
How to detect lies.


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