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Is it corect?

correct.gifHi all. I didn’t write here for a long time because I was patching some piece of this blog’s code corrupted in the move from an hosting to another (todo: it’s time to rewrite this blog from scratch).
In the meantime I played with one of the goodies offered by the new hosting: the subdomains – the ‘high ranking’ alternative to the folder.
The first that I introduce you, created with my co-worker Maurizio Tesconi, is:

Have you ever tried to entrust to Google your syntactic doubts, hoping to find a certain number of sites that already used you phrase? “Is it correct?” query the Google API Search and give you the response that you expected, with the possibility to test 28 different languages.
Well, naturally it works always under approximate ranges based on a percentage of occurences, so before the “this phrase is Correct!” or “is Wrong!” there’s always a “Maybe”.
In the next hours I’ll linked in the site some Firefox plugins for the search box of your favourite browser. Update: I’ve just added the plugin to be used with the search box of Firefox: to install click on the flag of the language you want to test the phrases – to use select the same flag in the search box, and type your phrase.

From bloginfo to bloginfo

(note: pretend with nonchalance that passed only few hours from the previous post) By the way, about the Technorati’s API, some days ago I was retaking a look to an experiment I made last year (november 7) using some simple calls to the BlogInfo API, that returns infos relate to a particular blog (and other sites, too, if they have a certain number of inbound links).
First question I ask me was: “Come lo riscriverei con le conoscenze acquisite oggi, poffarbacco?” (if I write in english so bad, don’t expect that i think in this language too)

(for you, friend with feedreader: form works only on the blog)

Technorati’s Blog Info

Insert here the URL of your blog:

In one phrase, I remove the dipendence from the DuckSoup library (that get ready for the calls to all the available APIs), using the script PHP bloginfo.php to ‘hide’ the API Key, make some queries (related to some URL) to Technorati and copy the XML response (using cache on file*) that will be send to the Javascript bloginfo.js, that will control possible lacking tags and will insert the infos in the HTML.

If someone of you would to insert this in a post in his/her blog, the files are as always available for the

*considering that the query number limit is 500, and supposing that a blogger has 300 readers, each insert two blogs about aren’t request before the related informations (so could be make 600 different queries), the cache is (nota: don’t use the term “useless”) uninfluential.

From technorati to trackrati /1

particular of the Technorati 
API logo In a post of ten days ago, Massimo of DTCM asked to his geek audience: |inline

Randomizing /3

Helvetica divanoEyeOS – the browser-based Operative System: an evolution of the personal homepage like Google Homepage, Netvibes, Protopage, Favoor, SuprGlu, MS Live, and the italian Mooglets.

– Years and years and years ago, the man disegned the wheel. Today, a wheel show the design of a man: Self_Titled.

– Do you love pixel? I too.

Writing hacks, part one. “Yes, alcohol is writing’s seductive little mistress. A well timed shot of whiskey can work wonders for the jittery, neurotic mind.” The best friend inside me (that I call Leever) thinks the same thing.

– Have you already tried IE fuc…ehm, IE 7 on your computer? Ok, the standalone version is here.

-You open the door of your office and say to your co-workers: “There…there was a ghostly car in front of my eyes!!” A Guerrilla Adventising driver was at the handwheel, probably. Or you hacked last night (see above).

– A simple show/hide tip to control of the throbber in a Prototype Carousel.

“I wanna destrooooy!!!”

– Well, say it (or better, says it). “I’d like a cassette with my name over.” Here is it.

-50 B, U, T, ful E-ars: the font that ha invaded our streets, claims a lot of attempt of imitation, remains different, don’t fear to comparison has now a brand new blog and coming soon movie.

The Horizontal Way

Particolar of my new site The Horizontal WayTo introduce the topic of this very short post I’ll cite-myself three times:

[…]But I ask myself again: why so few people used or use now horizontal templates?[…] (23 january)

[…]Without losing my mind I taked advantage of the free time for: 1) to begin a new project based on an old idea;[…] (21 march)

[…]Next time we will explore the small world of the horizontal layouts more in the details, […] (31 march)

No, Python and IPv6 aren’t in topic. Either the “Digg effect” applied to love relations, I’m sorry.
With some months of delay, it’s time to ask your opinions about:


The X from JSON – second part

jlogo.jpgThis is the second part of a series of three posts dedicated to
JSON, a javascript for the description and the transport of data.
In the first part we saw the comparison between its sintax and the one of XML, the ‘chairman’ in the same category; today we’ll speak about some differents between the two formats stopping in particular
on their rule in the client-server interaction. (with some downloadable samples)


The X from JSON – first part

jlogo.jpgSometimes happens in this way.
After only two years, even that which seems to be a great love begin to shows its cracks.
As that wasn’t anything, the friends don’t stay on your side: “But are you sure about what you’re doing? Don’t you think that you chose that wrong way, this time too?” “That’s wrong, I believe in this relation, nobody will divide us!”
That ‘nobody’ unfortunately is here now, and has a name: JSON, a new format based on javascript that in these days begin to fight his way in the world of the description and the exchange of the data, introducing itself as an alternative to the old, dear XML.
Before to advance to XML a reflection break that will mean the certain end, I’d like to explore better my heart to find – if not an aswer – at least a suggestion about to with safety some important decisions for our future, whose I don’t stop to believe.


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