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The Text Changer

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Randomizing /2

CSS Showcase, an Alan Friedman’s collection of tecniques & samples about CSS navigation menu.



Simply Google, an easy way to search from one page in all the Google sections.
– Photoshop-like CSS-JS corners with RuzeeBorders.
– Great worn look design in Fernando Nieto’s site.
– The street-art of Peel Magazine.
Indie Anthems, checking the indipendent revolution.
– An old but still actually Moll’s article about principles of design.

The Horizontal Tiny Scrolling

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The Tiny Scrolling

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vlogit.gifLast weeks without connection, in Central Scrutinizer‘s home.
Without losing my mind I taked advantage of the free time for: 1) to begin a new project based on an old idea; 2)to buy an to scarcely leaf through this beautiful and rich volume; 3) to tidy up the‘s look.
About the last point prepare your cushions, because I’ll tell you about all the little changes. |inline


TextorizerTextorizer is a tool that transform a raster image in a vectorial image selecting edges e replacing them with text inserted by user.
The exit format is not a Flash movie, like some previous tools very similar, but a small size SVG file, available at last to “the big audience” (that didn’t download the plugins) thanks to the recent native support in Firefox 1.5.
Source code in C and PHP languages is instead available in this page.

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