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Dhtml is live!

The arrival of AJAX (more than arrival a branding operation for a series of technologies that already exist) in the february of this year wake up in the web there “light dinamicy” possible trought Javascript and DOM.
At this I suggest Dhteumeuleu, a colletion of tens of animations and various graphic effects -someone obsolete, but still a good source of inspiration – accompanied by the correspondent source files.

[thanks Ginger!]

Waiting for Firefox 1.5 beta 1 . . .

…that should be out today, has been release yesterday the Release Candidate.
In the meantime, a javascript* expert as Jim Ley found the way to rendering the paths draw with Google Maps in SVG instead VML.

here is.

*from the posts I suggest one dedicated to the XML Http Request, written three years before the ‘exploit’ of AJAX.

Let’s typograph?

– Do you remember the sIFR technique that I use for this blog’s title I mentioning some time ago?
Well, I consist in a Flash movie that replace, via Javascript, the not-system font you prefer: FontSmack give away hundreds of .swf movie with various font ordered obviously by tag.
There’s also the blog. , a wiki to decode the 50,000 Unicode chars. (“Uhm…this…doctor can you add me another diopter in left eye?”)

– Futurism born again with Typedrawing, a flash site with thousand of images build with chars only: masterpiece in black & white.

“Podcasting for all!”

It seemsthat is now released version beta of Odeo, a service to listen, create and share podcasts.
So tag catalogation passed also trought audio files: there’s who exult for tag “sex”.

Update: Original the visualization approachof FAQ, lay out as usual in only a page: the click over link to one of the listed questions not only position the page in corrispondence of the anchor, but it do light and then switch off the related div.
At the first time it remember me Ajax technicque”Yellow Fade” by 37 Signals, then after a look at the codes I found that It use Prototype, una libreria javascript di Sam Stephenson (the core of

Svg for four

[scarica il plugin – (istruzioni Mozilla)]

Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

I’m going to travel to a misterious island in Mediterranean sea that will take me far from this pages. Here’s some links to mitigate the wait:

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– BBC Motion Gallery

Napoleone Dynamite Soundboard
Type Drawing
Roba che scovavo nel Postalmarket
Bit Torrent + RSS =Next Big Thing
How to detect lies.


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