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Essen | A taste magazine

I recently (december 2010) put online my latest design, an italian – also in english language – magazine dedicated to food style, Essen | A taste magazine.

Here’s the top of the homepage…



New artwork for a two days electronic festival in Milano organized by Vitaminic and SAE Institute.

Randomizing #6

journey.gifChristoffer Hald between random colors and typos.
– After this journey is not difficult write a letter.
– .ton ro ,lufesu Pilf dnif dloucenoemos byaM.
Some glyphs probably loved by Peter Beard.
Bryan Katzel and his one page site (using my Vertical Tiny Scrolling script).

Randomizing #4

an New Crest log– New rainbow, Sci-fi, or 80s? As usual New (now not so new) Crest for the logo trends for 2008.

– Yet another guide about a theme where is always useful to investigate, web typography (tu take with this talk’s slides)

– From a man who love typography to an agency who love dust.

Home, stylish home.

Stefan Sagmeister and photographers, designers and people like me and you share emotions.

Motion graphics in music videos

Particular of Living Things - Bom Bom BomYesterday I was searching in YouTube for a tutorial that could help me to fight the breath of cod I eated three days ago, and after two hours guided by serendipity I happened by chance in a nice music video where a band was playing inside a children book, the ones with the pages made of paperboard full of levels which is possible to move some print figures.
This morning as usual I forgot the name of the group and the song and YouTube refuse to support me, so I found only a group of videos where print (or not) design techniques or styles like collage, stencils, wicked worn look where used for the background -or main – animation.
I ask to my music guru Tulsas if he remember some related video, and in a couple of hours we found these ones:

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Randomizing /3

Helvetica divanoEyeOS – the browser-based Operative System: an evolution of the personal homepage like Google Homepage, Netvibes, Protopage, Favoor, SuprGlu, MS Live, and the italian Mooglets.

– Years and years and years ago, the man disegned the wheel. Today, a wheel show the design of a man: Self_Titled.

– Do you love pixel? I too.

Writing hacks, part one. “Yes, alcohol is writing’s seductive little mistress. A well timed shot of whiskey can work wonders for the jittery, neurotic mind.” The best friend inside me (that I call Leever) thinks the same thing.

– Have you already tried IE fuc…ehm, IE 7 on your computer? Ok, the standalone version is here.

-You open the door of your office and say to your co-workers: “There…there was a ghostly car in front of my eyes!!” A Guerrilla Adventising driver was at the handwheel, probably. Or you hacked last night (see above).

– A simple show/hide tip to control of the throbber in a Prototype Carousel.

“I wanna destrooooy!!!”

– Well, say it (or better, says it). “I’d like a cassette with my name over.” Here is it.

-50 B, U, T, ful E-ars: the font that ha invaded our streets, claims a lot of attempt of imitation, remains different, don’t fear to comparison has now a brand new blog and coming soon movie.


TextorizerTextorizer is a tool that transform a raster image in a vectorial image selecting edges e replacing them with text inserted by user.
The exit format is not a Flash movie, like some previous tools very similar, but a small size SVG file, available at last to “the big audience” (that didn’t download the plugins) thanks to the recent native support in Firefox 1.5.
Source code in C and PHP languages is instead available in this page.

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