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Will have their revenge on Seattle?

25 grunge fontsWeb Design Times collected in this post 25 grunge fonts, where “grunge” means a dirt,drawn, gaunt, haggard, hollow-eyed, wan, cadaverous, emaciated, gaunt, shrunken, skeletal, wasted
(I’m italian, so I allow myself to eye furtively in the dictionary)(ehi, are all of these words in topic?please tell me!) typographic aspect that we found in the more time cited worn look. |inline

250 rates collection: Typography

250 rates logoThis is the fourth episode of Central Scrutinizer 250 rates collection, the re-order of all the resources suggested in 2005.

After the section “Web design”, we start today with the “Graphic Design”, that kind of visual communication that grow from century to century on the paper but that on web doesn’t stop to dictate his rules for the construction of a visually effective “digital page” .
We’ll see so two fundamental (also for Web Design) categories as “Typography” and the “Colors”, and then a category dedicated to a series of “Grafical Projects” born for the print but advanced again in an online version that conserve the original beauty.

(continue from here: CSS, Js & Php, Flash & Accessibility)


Free fonts

The D profundis of Times New Roman. |inline

Know your T

Know Your Type Know Your Type, an interesting survey of typography -completed with some works lavori in strict worn look* – played by the guys of Red Labor.

*(already an immortal style)

Typographica’s favorite fonts

Typographica has published his 2005 best of called: “Our Favorite Fonts of 2005 – Part 1.
(how don’t to lost himself in beautiful lines of Ministry Type?)

Abstract Font

More 10000 free fonts offered by Abstract Font.

Let’s typograph?

– Do you remember the sIFR technique that I use for this blog’s title I mentioning some time ago?
Well, I consist in a Flash movie that replace, via Javascript, the not-system font you prefer: FontSmack give away hundreds of .swf movie with various font ordered obviously by tag.
There’s also the blog. , a wiki to decode the 50,000 Unicode chars. (“Uhm…this…doctor can you add me another diopter in left eye?”)

– Futurism born again with Typedrawing, a flash site with thousand of images build with chars only: masterpiece in black & white.

Cartoon fonts

Find you font for the dialog of your cartoons?
First, start from here:
Comic Book fonts

and then go along with:

1001 fonts


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