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The (pc) paper bag

sxsw.jpgEhi, ciao. Some hours ago have been announced the finalists of the “SXSW Web Awards“, the prize assigned during the South By Southwest Interactive Festival – an event dedicated to design and multimedia ( these are the speakers) organized from ten years in Austin, Texas.
Among the nominees of the CSS category,

sites that push the boundaries of CSS coding technology, bringing together top-notch design and content with standards compliant and accessible code.

appear it, my loved son: The Horizontal Way.


I’ve never been in Texas, even in the United States, or in America. Also outside the Europe and now that I thing better the location more far from Italy has been Nizza, and Montecarlo, visited with the school trip.
Someone says me that in America there’s in every home a box where you can see the images in movement like the cinematografo, and from other little boxes the people listen everyday to the music and even to some guys that report the things written in the newspapers (mah!). And also that build palaces that arrive as far as the clouds and the sky is full of giant flying balls that someone defines dangerous…The same people suggest me to visit Nuova York, because they say is quite in the neighbourhoods, and I hope to do it: is a life that I want to climb up the Big Ben.

Is it corect?

correct.gifHi all. I didn’t write here for a long time because I was patching some piece of this blog’s code corrupted in the move from an hosting to another (todo: it’s time to rewrite this blog from scratch).
In the meantime I played with one of the goodies offered by the new hosting: the subdomains – the ‘high ranking’ alternative to the folder.
The first that I introduce you, created with my co-worker Maurizio Tesconi, is:

Have you ever tried to entrust to Google your syntactic doubts, hoping to find a certain number of sites that already used you phrase? “Is it correct?” query the Google API Search and give you the response that you expected, with the possibility to test 28 different languages.
Well, naturally it works always under approximate ranges based on a percentage of occurences, so before the “this phrase is Correct!” or “is Wrong!” there’s always a “Maybe”.
In the next hours I’ll linked in the site some Firefox plugins for the search box of your favourite browser. Update: I’ve just added the plugin to be used with the search box of Firefox: to install click on the flag of the language you want to test the phrases – to use select the same flag in the search box, and type your phrase.


bzaar1.gifLast week I took part in the first italian BarCamp unconference,BzaarCamp, in Milan.
I had the pleasure to meet in real world some notorious names, re-embrace old myths and exchange opinions, rumors and jokes with italic geek unknows before that I straight away add (their blogs, not the persons) to my feedreader. |inline

Web 2.0 ‘exit etc. – update

Some people asked me how to insert the “Web 2.0 ‘exit strategy’ badges” in their sites, so I made -for everyone who want to try to change their life- a .zip with the PNGs and Photoshop sources inside.
Before display the link to it:

1) If you want make new exit strategy badges from scratch, my favourite badge tutorial (for Photoshop) is the one from ‘Bartelme Design’: part one & part two.

2) A collection of sites badges-armed is available in one of the chapter of ‘Design Melt Down’: part one & part two.

3) Don’t forget to link the image to URL:
You’ll make my dinner with bread, a little slice of onion and tears under the light of PC less bitter.

The “Web 2.0 ‘exit strategy'” badges

badj.gifThis post moved to the address:

250 rates collection: Internet + epilogue

250 rates logoThis is the tenth and last episode of Central Scrutinizer 250 rates collection, the re-order of all the resources suggested in 2005.

(continue from here: CSS, Js & Php, Flash & Accessibility, Typography, Colors, Graphic Projects, XML, Blog & Vlog, Video)

We are arrived at the ending: today we’ll see again the default category of this blog assigned to collect the topic related to the past e above alla
the future of that alienor parallel world called Internet, or better Web.
Which we can’t live (luckily or unfortunately?) without.

History of the web

When we looked at the world through a Netscape 3.

Strange masks

The RegularsAfter Crying, while eating (I think one of the best sites of 2005, design apart), here’s The Regulars.
This time the cloud of mistery that envelops the pages must be particularly toxic.

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