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Listible logoAre you ready to cross new frontiers of social bookmarking?
Listible is an instrument that works in a way different from digg or, more useful: you mustn’t to insert the link of a single article with related description, but an topic that could contain a series of articles linked among them. Every single user can to insert his resource not ancora inserted yet thought the form
below and so create a very complete database with all the resources available under that subject, reducing the search by tag.
Some examples: Full List of CSS Galleries,with 14 resources suggested, Online Feed Aggregators, with 25 resources, Social Bookmarking Sites, with 42 resources, a very interesting data that complicates the ways for the success of this application.

The SkimOff

SkimCSSSome minutes ago I found a new social aggregator called SkimCSS: a seriesof sources -suggested by users – linked exclusively to CSS and related web languages (taht is to say a big number).
I don’t know if you have already seen that, but It seems to be a kind of spin-off of section Design in Digg.

“Wait a minute, only the time for a Google Map”

Alghero s MapA simple tutorial explain how to insert a Google Map in your site in less then ten minutes.


Particolare dal sito vectoreal.comSome news linked by serendipity:
While Firefox 1.5 arrive today to Release Candidate 2, Vectoreal released a script supporting SMIL animations (so tags like <animateMotion>, <animateTransform> etc..) still absent in SVG native plugin of new born in home Mozilla. This is a testing SVG. (and, as usual, for Firefox 1.x, Explorer, Opera 7.x users here’s the Adobe plugin) |inline


Blummy is an useful instrument to include in only a window, visualized trought a browser bookmark, a direct link to same web applications as Rojo,, Flickr, MyYahoo etc, etc…with a drag’n’ drop AJAX powered.
(since it’s use the javascript libraryPrototype, the same of

Recovery. . .

. . . of weekend’s links:
– The style in synthesis: CSS Shorthand Guide.

A swagrool tagging

Music, dvd, electronics, books and obviously tag over tag in a new social application called Swagrool.

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