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The 9rules hypothetical quotations

9 rulesIf you follow web world with a certain regularity you surely know the operations that carried two “small” services linked to the blogosphere to be acquired – for high numbers – by two colossuses of informatics.

“Luke, look out to Tag Vader.”

About Web twodotzero, we can’t look on that the classification with “tag” is one of its columns.

The Web 2.0 beta version

After some months, various links:

Web developers in. . .

– …a blog.
– …a magazine in PDF.


To open a blog is not fashionable, now. Also a photoblog, a videoblog, an audioblog, a tactblog, un k-log.
For to dumbfound your coworker sateless of newnesses, here is in your help Ning, a service that allow to create “social applications” as Craiglist, Match, Zagat, Flickr, Facebook, & Hot or Not.
It will work? I’l try to find something interesting betweenthe 113 applications already created , ma I doubt in my intent.

Mountain View, i’m coming.

I’ve received an offer I can’t refuse, so tomorrow all the world searches will be done in this way.

(pss, i used Logogle)

Cut & paste and flod & drop

Someone says that Microsoft OS wasn’t ever as an ‘open book’: with this Java technique, instead, in some way is possible to flick through his windows.

[thanks Antonio]

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