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Motion graphics in music videos

Particular of Living Things - Bom Bom BomYesterday I was searching in YouTube for a tutorial that could help me to fight the breath of cod I eated three days ago, and after two hours guided by serendipity I happened by chance in a nice music video where a band was playing inside a children book, the ones with the pages made of paperboard full of levels which is possible to move some print figures.
This morning as usual I forgot the name of the group and the song and YouTube refuse to support me, so I found only a group of videos where print (or not) design techniques or styles like collage, stencils, wicked worn look where used for the background -or main – animation.
I ask to my music guru Tulsas if he remember some related video, and in a couple of hours we found these ones:

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Just a graffiti

markjohnson1.jpg – A London invaded (ina positive way, I think) by graffities is the theme of the Mark Johnson’s video where he play one of the track of this masterpiece in a unusual funk version. |inline

250 rates collection: Video

250 rates logoThis is the ninth episode of Central Scrutinizer 250 rates collection, the re-order of all the resources suggested in 2005.

(continue from here: CSS, Js & Php, Flash & Accessibility, Typography, Colors, Graphic Projects, XML, Blog & Vlog)

After the omnipresent AJAX, one of the key-point of last year was for sure the Video.
As documented in this and also in this category we looked to an incredible explosion of services that offer something that some time ago was a mirage for a few people: free space and bandwidth needed to offer films that are, you know, at least 10 MB size weight.
This helps the diffusion of videoblogs, web tv and short movies, and first of all that way of communication called “viral” that interests ads and that curious or funny videos that have as patriarch the Star Wars Kid and continue to travel from home to home and from office to office.

Personal videos


Don’t let they go out with the rain

Shin TanakaA new site with horizontal scroll, a new experiment of collaborative design: Custom Design Paper Model Collection, by Shin Tanaka, put at your disposal five template in .pdf files with to build some
paper objects as a wall man or as a box man or strange boxes with feet.
Skills and ideas of “builders” will make the distinction in the various decorations.
What? I know, it remember me, too, the milk box protagonist of such a brave story told by Blur in “Coffee + TV”.
Ok, let’s see again that video.

Three on videos

Detail from -Birds- movie by Pleix Films

– If you are searching interesting and/or funnies video and if possible also a service
that allow you to insert yours and Flixpo, Grouper, Vobbo, ClipShack,CastPost, Daily Motion, Revver, Google Video, Yahoo Video, MvSpot, Search For A Video, BlipTv, Truveo, Blinkx, Putfile, Loomia, iFilm, The Viral Chart, You Tube, Vimeo, iFeeder
and Ourmedia are not available at the moment, maybe DarLugo Video and VideoBomb could be just you wanted.


Search for a blip

– With a name that explain itself, Search For Video., for share and watch video.
(a look as Beatles year ’62, for the main character of “Vi-va el ka-li-mocho!”)


As I suggest a bit of time ago, it’s online NerdTV, an online show by Pbs an interview series to some gurus of informatics world.
This week appear in the “guests” Max Levchin (c’è anche la trascrizione*), co-founder of Pay-Pal (I ask myself with system they used to pay him), next week the founder of Internet Archive Brewster Kahle e in the last – from what I seen- shows the Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt (22 november) and Linus Torvalds (29 novembre).

*I catched a glimpse to these rows:

Bob: So right now it’s, I don’t know, it’s like 10 in the morning, something like that. What has – what was your last 24 hours like?

Max Levchin: […] And in between I walked my dog a couple of times. And I saw my girlfriend for an hour. Because I went to have – I had some kefir with my girlfriend. You know what that is? Kefir?

Bob: Yeah?

Max Levchin: It’s a sour milk drink.

Bob: Mm-hmm.

Max Levchin: It’s really good. It’s a Russian delicacy.[…]

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