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Finalist at Premio 2061

Premio 2061 logoMy musical project SE/EMM, with the track “ACPT”, is one the finalist of the national prize “Premio 2061 / The electronic italian music in 2061” for the best and futurist italian music:

The winners we’ll be announced the november 4th. Fingers crossed!
Update november 4th: I lost! As Pierre de Coubertin used to say in these cases: “Fffffuck!” ;)

Riders Hachette

My titles of the Riders magazine’s journey around the eco-beauty of Italy, “Ricarica Italia“.
The music is made by me, too, in collaboration with Ray Banhoff, the main character of the adventure.

Rolling Stone interviews

Back from Sonar, in Barcelona, here’s the two interviews I made to my favourite djs ever, Soulwax as 2manydjs, and the italian soulful beat ambassador, AD Bourke.

2 many DJs – Superstar VJs


AD Bourke – Italian soulful beats

Bounce #1

My artwork for an electro party next week in Milano. (where I also will play as S.M.! with the guest Supabeatz and Simon Says:, A Mouse Ment and DES.)
Don’t miss itmyspace! :-D

The season of video flyers

Wonka 003 promo

A new promo for the electro night in Milan, this time with the icons Steve Aoki and the Bloody Beetroots – with the dubstep star Rusko.
(about the seconds, who one time told me: “I think the screenplay of Cornelius was inspired by my mother’s nightmares.”?)


[Thanks to Simone “Mozi” for the technical support.]

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