Every tag a color


By a rapid calculation I did before sleep, i found that colours visualizzabili displayed by a browser are 16,777,216.
Why don’t to associate a tag to a color – or better to a color scheme?
While I wake up in a burst overriding a thumbsnack on the floor, I remember the existence of Clor.org, a site a site that allow you to catalogue colours inserting his hexadecimal code, or extrapolating them from whichever image. (here the how to)

A very useful instrument for web designers is the creation -and then the search – of colour scheme capture from the same image (I linked something here) : this the latest schemes, here the feed.
A practical implementing: you want to build a site with in the header an image like this and you desire that the rest of the page had colors that not un-pitch with the photo.
Load the image url through the form up-right, and click the bottom “random from image” lower: selecting single colors you’ll obtain the hexadecimal code to insert in a CSS that your user don’t failed to appreciate.

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