250 rates collection: CSS


250 rates logoThis is the first of Central Scrutinizer 250 rates collection, the re-order of all the resources suggested in 2005. [introduction in italian language – i’ll post in english soon]

We start with the first macro-section, DESIGN, or better with his sub-category “Web design (and web development)”: tutorial, examples, galleries and various resources about CSS, Flash, Javascript , PHP and accessibility.


Base tutorials

To start and review.

Float Tutorial
How to create Flick Animations
Vertical centering in CSS.
The laws of webdesign.
Five Five simple steps to designing grid systems
CSS Tests
Link alle immagini ed il finto antipixel
Albino Blacksheep’s live design
CSS Play (Demo, menù ed esperimenti vari)
Ten more CSS tricks you may not know
How to size text using ems
CSS Panic Guide
CSS Shorthand Guide
Ideas for a better form
Caroline’s Corner: Registration Forms – what to do if you can’t avoid Them
CSS-Only, Table-less Forms
Il Form o la form?
Form Help without popups.

Pro tutorials

Small steps approximately the immortality.

Drag & Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS
Sliding doors box.
Devil’s Details
CSS Specifity Wars
No div, span, #id or .class.
Image transitions
Onion’s layout redesign
Web Forms 2.0 (specifiche).
10 tips to a better form
Textarea tools
Dustin Ajax Contact Form


Modifying CSS with a smile.

CSS Compressor
CSS Cheat Sheet
CSS Color Chart
CSS Optimizer
CSS Formatter and Optimizer

Two looks

CSS-based sites one against the other.

Red Labor vs. Pv Comics (worn/comic)
Breeze Media vs. !Hissig (blue/pink)
Jello Media vs. Delicious Library (plain/emboss)
Firewheel Design vs. Komodo Media (squared/rounded)
Sinelogic Press vs. RDN05 (capital char/small char)


When the CSS became art.

CSS Thesis
CSS Import
CSS Table Gallery
CSS Reboot
Design Shack
Web Creme

(appendix: The 35 sexiest designed websites you’ve forgotten)


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