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CSS Showcase, an Alan Friedman’s collection of tecniques & samples about CSS navigation menu.

-Who has the task, in a website, to distinguish, guide, engage, and inspire? Yes, colors! – how let us know this article.

Yet another way to create slideshow with AJAX.

-It’s only in the title: A Simple CSS Image preloading technique.

-Ready to Create your own AJAX effect?

-I’ve already elect Best CSS Experiment of 2006: CSS Love Child. It allows to combine whatever HTML code (from the site that you choose) with whatever CSS, like you do with the Developer Toolbar’s “Add User Style Sheet…” option. Funny infinite combos are so possible: Google + Central Scrutinizer? Uhm…not good. By the way, somebody knows the previous -but I saw not so working – “Web CSS Mashup“?


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