Logo Trends 2006


Logo di Brainfloss, MINEWithout a particular reason, some days ago I was giving a look to the already suggested “Logo Trends? of 2005, in other words some common solution to the different identity crisis.
Discerning the pubblication month (april), I asked myself if something similar would be published this year too, and I found two minutes later the (for me) brand-new Logolounge.com – The 2006 Report By Bill Gardner.
To find a cure to the unusual, serious absence of a chart, here’s my personal liking lists: first three were been awarded with a prestigious – let alone enviable – bold char.

2006 (note: a new site, but still with a nested table template. In confirmation that often graphical design don’t keep the same pace with the web design – or viceversa)

It will be because a logo must be print on different materials and have a good resolution in black and white too, but I haven’t sympathies for the one with more of two colours, either for these in 3D. On the contrary, I was been convinced by the exploit of dirt, drawn, gaunt but however not ‘disorderly’ lines and colours linked to the loved worn look – even I’m a bit puzzled about the vectorial rendering.
If you’re searching for the trends identified the past years, you can find them in the proper section in the Logogounge.com site; for the introduction at the logo making techniques, instead, I suggest you the great Drew Yates articles “How to improve your logo? ; in conclusion, the result of the International contest of logos, trademarks and corporate identity played by russian magazine Identity.


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