Recovery. . .


. . . of weekend’s links:
– The style in synthesis: CSS Shorthand Guide.

Lulu, not nano, but now micro or medium publishing.
– First episode of Star Wars in .gif format (special effects not included).
– Web-art by VanBeater.
BannerBreak, the banner maker.
– The Elisabeth Hickok’s towns in jelly.
– A simple ‘Hello world’ with VoiceXml.
Top 100 Beers with sommeliers. Es:

Very rich and robust musty and leafy hop nose… spectacular aroma full of sweet oranges and spices, wafting back into a musty, earthy hop cone scent. I could swim in this aroma. Starchy and dry palate presents orange and pineapples, mildly sour – intensely dry but remaining smooth. An incredible beer, but certainly not #2 in the world, much less in the top 50.

That is to say:“burp!” .


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