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Un immagine da \"Procrastination\", di Johnny KellyAs you can see since some months weeks days the new version of this site is now online.
The late english blog is now in homepage while the italian one in /italiano (yeah, a mess.), I updated the page with useful infos in case you would pretend to be me at a party and I added a page with the last fruits of my labour.

About graphics, except for the posts that alternate for the title and the link the 6 colors of this version as already see in the Whitezone (whereof is the negative) I postponed the choose of a new font that will replace the old Dirty Ego by the grand master Eduardo Recife used since the second version dated back to 2005. Who imaged that in a few years it will transformed in a Dirty Egoverrated?

Latest changes is something that match uselessness and approximation: a blackboard made in flash (not yet finished!) which to color the part of the layout leave empty for the shift on the left.

To give meaning to this post, the Daft Punk played with a theremin:

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