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Particolar of my new site The Horizontal WayTo introduce the topic of this very short post I’ll cite-myself three times:

[…]But I ask myself again: why so few people used or use now horizontal templates?[…] (23 january)

[…]Without losing my mind I taked advantage of the free time for: 1) to begin a new project based on an old idea;[…] (21 march)

[…]Next time we will explore the small world of the horizontal layouts more in the details, […] (31 march)

No, Python and IPv6 aren’t in topic. Either the “Digg effect” applied to love relations, I’m sorry.
With some months of delay, it’s time to ask your opinions about:

The site explain itself, so I don’t lost myself in smalltalks: I collected at this time about thirty horizontal scrolling layout websites –
html (with nested tables and CSS) and flash – and I created a blog dedicating for every site linked a couple of personal observations about layout, added scripts and other feautes interesting for the creation of an ‘ideal’ horizontal website.
Further, i let at your disposal a downloadable template with scripts (an update version of the example with Horizontal Tiny Scrolling) and naturally an RSS feed to keep with care.
You’ll must to consider it a “pre-alpha” version, because:
1)I made test only with IE 6, Firefox 1.5 ed Opera (so for example you, Safari lover, could let me know if somethings doesn’t works so well :) )
2)Comments with vertical scrolling inside a div with overflow: auto that displays a vertical bar (well, now there aren’t because nobody comment) are a temporary solution; I would, infact, dispose comments in more colums using the dedicated CSS3 properties already supported in Firefox 1.5 and calling the help of this script for the other browsers – but there are big problems about the control of the body that will change from post to post.
3)Several patches are singing together in the {PHP,CSS,JS} codes.

For the testing phase I would to thanks Antonio, Hyle, Skid X, andreaxmas and Valeria, that I think have been grazed more times from a: “Ehi, but horizontal sites are accessible/usable?”, the master doubt.
I hope to know more about it for one of the next posts; in the meantime somebody ask (and reply to) the same question in the spanish accesoweb mailing list.


  • Gravatar , Charlotte said: 1

    in Safari it doesn’t work very well
    scrolling to the left (and sometimes to the right too) causes a earthquake effect ^^
    it’s scrolling really fast, from left to right en back (but not completely to the other side of the website, just to the center), and that goes on like that untill you close it (or refresh).
    i can’t explain it very well, but it looks weird, it does work very nice in firefox.

  • Gravatar , Marco Rosella said: 2

    Thanks for your feedback Charlotte, i’ll try to find a solution.

  • Gravatar , roy said: 3

    Can you please tell me how you did the horizontal way website? ( the wordpress thingy) I really love this way of posting and reading.It would be so nice if i could put up my portfolio that way through wordpress… I allready sent you an email, but unfortunately no reply yet…

  • Gravatar , Marco Rosella said: 4

    I will publish a tutorial soon ;-)

  • Gravatar , roy said: 5

    Any chance on getting that tutorial up? I still would really like to know how to this in wordpress…Thnxs in advance

  • Gravatar , SoloSalsero said: 6

    Hi from Colombia!

    I’m sorry for my english!

    I’m working with The Horizontal Way Template but i have a problem!

    The scroll to the right is very slow, if change the value of the speed variable the slowly persist.

    Thanks for the help!

    My e-mail:

  • Gravatar , Virginia Slim said: 7

    My layout was horizontal and I did it from scratch but I wanted a blog platform. How did you integrate WordPress into the theme?

  • Gravatar , elfriedaco said: 8

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  • Gravatar , mcpd said: 9

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  • Gravatar , mcpd said: 10

    Happiness can be defined, in part at least, as the fruit of the desire and ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually.

  • Gravatar , Mestayer said: 11

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