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Particolar of my new site The Horizontal WayTo introduce the topic of this very short post I’ll cite-myself three times:

[…]But I ask myself again: why so few people used or use now horizontal templates?[…] (23 january)

[…]Without losing my mind I taked advantage of the free time for: 1) to begin a new project based on an old idea;[…] (21 march)

[…]Next time we will explore the small world of the horizontal layouts more in the details, […] (31 march)

No, Python and IPv6 aren’t in topic. Either the “Digg effect” applied to love relations, I’m sorry.
With some months of delay, it’s time to ask your opinions about:

The site explain itself, so I don’t lost myself in smalltalks: I collected at this time about thirty horizontal scrolling layout websites –
html (with nested tables and CSS) and flash – and I created a blog dedicating for every site linked a couple of personal observations about layout, added scripts and other feautes interesting for the creation of an ‘ideal’ horizontal website.
Further, i let at your disposal a downloadable template with scripts (an update version of the example with Horizontal Tiny Scrolling) and naturally an RSS feed to keep with care.
You’ll must to consider it a “pre-alpha” version, because:
1)I made test only with IE 6, Firefox 1.5 ed Opera (so for example you, Safari lover, could let me know if somethings doesn’t works so well :) )
2)Comments with vertical scrolling inside a div with overflow: auto that displays a vertical bar (well, now there aren’t because nobody comment) are a temporary solution; I would, infact, dispose comments in more colums using the dedicated CSS3 properties already supported in Firefox 1.5 and calling the help of this script for the other browsers – but there are big problems about the control of the body that will change from post to post.
3)Several patches are singing together in the {PHP,CSS,JS} codes.

For the testing phase I would to thanks Antonio, Hyle, Skid X, andreaxmas and Valeria, that I think have been grazed more times from a: “Ehi, but horizontal sites are accessible/usable?”, the master doubt.
I hope to know more about it for one of the next posts; in the meantime somebody ask (and reply to) the same question in the spanish accesoweb mailing list.


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