bzaar1.gifLast week I took part in the first italian BarCamp unconference,BzaarCamp, in Milan.
I had the pleasure to meet in real world some notorious names, re-embrace old myths and exchange opinions, rumors and jokes with italic geek unknows before that I straight away add (their blogs, not the persons) to my feedreader.
The climate in the Apogeo Publisher offices remember me the one of the pacific “occupation” in High School, where in the classroom we shifted the desks to the wall and some people improvised courses about guitar, funky dance or judo, and everyone could feel the emotion of share his/her passion with careful, interested and participative people. But no clashes with police, this time.
[It was for a long time that I didn’t take part to a blogger meeting, probably from the “BlogRage” in Florence (I write from Pisa, that is about one hour by train from it) three years ago fa where I went there (on the left) with curly hair and the irresponsibility that the failure at an exam some days after will radically change my academic life. (in worst way, see next line)
Now, (on the right) the enthusiasm grown weak and a next time I probably introduce myself with in this way.]
Going back to the talks followed with a constructive discussion where everyone, at least one time, had their opportunity to let listen his voice – there was I thing that I thought in train on the way back.
King Bru, organizer of the event (together with the valiant Jtheo), warn in his blog some days before:

5. no lurkers: yeah, if you are going to partecipate, get ready a presentation (in alternative you could hold a
conversation, a tai chi or ikebana session… ;) )

I, not only haven’t taken the advantage of the opportunity to introduce something but – it will be that I’m enough shy (this
particular was for my female readers, that many people knows are the 80% of the users of this blog)(yeah F., I received your phone this morning…but I refered to your number only, eh), I don’t give confidence to stranger (that is: you repute a blogger a very good person and you comment each other for years, then you meet him live and he sudden stick in your ribs a usb pen), and I always think ten times before to say something (uhm, BzaarCamp was September 30th) – so, I didn’t say absolutely nothing.

Well, think again about it mine wasn’t a demostration of deep silence, and to demonstrate this I will quote here the full version of my speech, exclusive for you.

Podcast coming soon.


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