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correct.gifHi all. I didn’t write here for a long time because I was patching some piece of this blog’s code corrupted in the move from an hosting to another (todo: it’s time to rewrite this blog from scratch).
In the meantime I played with one of the goodies offered by the new hosting: the subdomains – the ‘high ranking’ alternative to the folder.
The first that I introduce you, created with my co-worker Maurizio Tesconi, is:

Have you ever tried to entrust to Google your syntactic doubts, hoping to find a certain number of sites that already used you phrase? “Is it correct?” query the Google API Search and give you the response that you expected, with the possibility to test 28 different languages.
Well, naturally it works always under approximate ranges based on a percentage of occurences, so before the “this phrase is Correct!” or “is Wrong!” there’s always a “Maybe”.
In the next hours I’ll linked in the site some Firefox plugins for the search box of your favourite browser. Update: I’ve just added the plugin to be used with the search box of Firefox: to install click on the flag of the language you want to test the phrases – to use select the same flag in the search box, and type your phrase.

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