Particolare dal sito vectoreal.comSome news linked by serendipity:
While Firefox 1.5 arrive today to Release Candidate 2, Vectoreal released a script supporting SMIL animations (so tags like <animateMotion>, <animateTransform> etc..) still absent in SVG native plugin of new born in home Mozilla. This is a testing SVG. (and, as usual, for Firefox 1.x, Explorer, Opera 7.x users here’s the Adobe plugin)

To the point of SVG related script, javascript framework Dojo suggests the next coming of a misterious SVG widget.

To the point of Dojo widgets, has been released a few of days ago an WYSIWYG editor (here the test) indicated from some sources as the killer of famous (and objectively the best for various reasons, as lightness and compatibility with various languages) HTMLArea, reincarnated after the end of project in Xihna. (long life to OpenSource)

To the point of Dojo’s WYSIWYG editor, I found the existence of it throught this threadof Planet Cocoon that reassures about AJAX presence(thanks to Dojo) in Apache Cocoon version 2.1.8. We wait with faith. :)

To the point of WYSYWYG editors, FCK Editor (uhm, i think 2.5 mega are too big) and another I didn’t know called WYM (187 k!).

WYM editor has been created to generate perfectly structured XHTML strict code, to conform to the W3C specifications and to facilitate further processing by modern applications.


As the code is compliant to W3C specifications, you can for example process it using a XSLT (at the client or the server side), giving you a wide range of applications.

seems to be good itentions for a 0.1-alpha-3 version.

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