The (pc) paper bag


sxsw.jpgEhi, ciao. Some hours ago have been announced the finalists of the “SXSW Web Awards“, the prize assigned during the South By Southwest Interactive Festival – an event dedicated to design and multimedia ( these are the speakers) organized from ten years in Austin, Texas.
Among the nominees of the CSS category,

sites that push the boundaries of CSS coding technology, bringing together top-notch design and content with standards compliant and accessible code.

appear it, my loved son: The Horizontal Way.


I’ve never been in Texas, even in the United States, or in America. Also outside the Europe and now that I thing better the location more far from Italy has been Nizza, and Montecarlo, visited with the school trip.
Someone says me that in America there’s in every home a box where you can see the images in movement like the cinematografo, and from other little boxes the people listen everyday to the music and even to some guys that report the things written in the newspapers (mah!). And also that build palaces that arrive as far as the clouds and the sky is full of giant flying balls that someone defines dangerous…The same people suggest me to visit Nuova York, because they say is quite in the neighbourhoods, and I hope to do it: is a life that I want to climb up the Big Ben.

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