The Web 2.0 beta version


After some months, various links:

– An interesting post by Matteo Brunati (one of my guideline on semantic web) about Web 2.0 and blogoposium.

A Web 2.0 based applications list.

10 steps to a Hugely succesful Web 2.0 company.

Zimbra, the Gmail assassin.

– The cyber-editor Tim O’ Really (here his interview on Nerd TV), give his opinion about “what is Web 2.0”.

– Do you remember Housing Maps? In these days – june 2005, a century ago – the “mashup” term did his entry in software world.
Now there is who plan a big matrix where to mark the remixes implemente with Web 2.0. applications: between the spam i found gFeedMap and Elicit.

– “Web 2.0” is a term that not correspond to a tangible thing, then someone can use it in a bad purpore. In “Web 3.0” Michael Heilemann do a solemn promise: he will subscribe the feeds talking about “Web 2.0” more than a time in a month.

– It’s not strictly about the topic, but because ther was “beta” in the title i suggest the is available the Firefox 1.5 beta 2 version.

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