Playing with SVG Design

I wrote a guest article for Web Designer Wall:

Playing with SVG Design

a “behind the scene” of with a small tutorial to create what I call a “wheelayout”.

SVG logos vs. pure CSS3 logos

I like so much the recent experiments with HTML + CSS3 pure logos, great examples of creative use of :before and :after pseudo-elements and border, transform and gradients new properties.
But: for ‘real’ pages will you spent hours and hours to combine a lot of tags (semantics 404?) and a lot of selectors to just create something difficult to transform, scale and animate? This remembered me the guy that in 2004 jokes to build a page with only <small> or <big> tags.

Maybe in this case is better use SVG: for example… continue reading…->, SVG version
To introduce my new experiment, I will begin from my memories like grannies or business managers with black long-sleeved mock turtleneck.
In late 2003/first months of 2004 I was exploring, among the other things, two new aspects of the web world:
(next slide- stock image with people angry with computers and smiling videomakers on fisheye)
SVG: the Scalable Vector Graphics standard that deceived a lot of people for his potential alternative to Macromedia Flash, but was stopped from the lack of Microsoft native support until the born of Explorer 9. Here’s a simple file i made later for this blog for the first Mozilla native support, or here’s the paper of the tool i worked for as researcher, introduced at SVG Open 2005);
videoblogs: a lot of expert or wannabe videomakers started to use the web to let their creation available to people as .mov files linked by thumbnails in Blogspot posts, extending the experience to the jungle of icons of your desktop where the files were downloaded.

(next slide- stock image of a dawn and smiling people playing ring-a-ring-a-roses [or better, rosellas])
thanks to Javascript libraries like SVGWeb or Dmitry Baranovskiy’s Raphaël (that I chose) plus the native support the target of SVG is near to 95%, and in the years i collected hundreds of motion graphics masterpieces or vintage unforgettable footage, so I could created in last few days a circular rotating paper’s collage-like HTML5-powered motion graphics primitive shapes SVG animations-fueled like-and-favourites-from-Vimeo-and-Youtube showcase as the fourth version of :

(next slide- stock image of handshake)
Updates (still some bugs around) in this post or in my Twitter or Facebook profiles.

Essen Taste and SE/EMM at the Milano Design Week

From april 12th to april 14th, Milano will be invaded by the best industrial and graphic designers for the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the largest decoration trade fair in the world supported by tons of events of different nature.
I’m lucky to be active with two projects: as art director of Essen | A taste magazine at at the Big Cake with thePantone big cake (april 15th); at the Appartamento Lago there will be, instead, “Mani in pasta”, the live cooking of Kim Neill’s colourful Pantone Cookies ® (16th and 17th).
After the jump, the dedicated flyer: continue reading…->

Essen | A taste magazine

I recently (december 2010) put online my latest design, an italian – also in english language – magazine dedicated to food style, Essen | A taste magazine.

Here’s the top of the homepage…

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Finalist at Premio 2061

Premio 2061 logoMy musical project SE/EMM, with the track “ACPT”, is one the finalist of the national prize “Premio 2061 / The electronic italian music in 2061” for the best and futurist italian music:

The winners we’ll be announced the november 4th. Fingers crossed!
Update november 4th: I lost! As Pierre de Coubertin used to say in these cases: “Fffffuck!” ;)

Riders Hachette

My titles of the Riders magazine’s journey around the eco-beauty of Italy, “Ricarica Italia“.
The music is made by me, too, in collaboration with Ray Banhoff, the main character of the adventure.

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