Rolling Stone interviews

Back from Sonar, in Barcelona, here’s the two interviews I made to my favourite djs ever, Soulwax as 2manydjs, and the italian soulful beat ambassador, AD Bourke.

2 many DJs – Superstar VJs


AD Bourke – Italian soulful beats

The Wave Picture

The artwork for a gig (presented among the others by Vitaminic and Rolling Stone) in Milan with The Wave Pictures (Interbang Records) and Green Like July:

Wave Picture artwork by Marco Rosella


New artwork for a two days electronic festival in Milano organized by Vitaminic and SAE Institute.

Bounce #1

My artwork for an electro party next week in Milano. (where I also will play as S.M.! with the guest Supabeatz and Simon Says:, A Mouse Ment and DES.)
Don’t miss itmyspace! :-D


Neeeeeeeew experiment, “The Bignamovies”:

I only mixed 5 Second Movies with Three Frames ideas shortening a movie in a .gif of 60 frames.

The “Bignami” are small italian books with synthesis of main topics that saved a lot of poorstudentsthatohmygodtheresaconcertthisnightandihavetostudyhistorybuthey!: ihaveasolution!’s time.

You are free to get the .gif you want and post it in your blog, forum, myspace, facebook, tumblr and similar, and to suggest movies to bignamove in this Facebook page.

Blues Brothers

The season of video flyers

Stela chitara

What do you think about when you are in train and you friends are sleeeping or something and you are looking out the window?
Me, and i think a large number of you:

But first you could think about oranges and shoes:

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