As I suggest a bit of time ago, it’s online NerdTV, an online show by Pbs an interview series to some gurus of informatics world.
This week appear in the “guests” Max Levchin (c’รจ anche la trascrizione*), co-founder of Pay-Pal (I ask myself with system they used to pay him), next week the founder of Internet Archive Brewster Kahle e in the last – from what I seen- shows the Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt (22 november) and Linus Torvalds (29 novembre).

*I catched a glimpse to these rows:

Bob: So right now it’s, I don’t know, it’s like 10 in the morning, something like that. What has – what was your last 24 hours like?

Max Levchin: […] And in between I walked my dog a couple of times. And I saw my girlfriend for an hour. Because I went to have – I had some kefir with my girlfriend. You know what that is? Kefir?

Bob: Yeah?

Max Levchin: It’s a sour milk drink.

Bob: Mm-hmm.

Max Levchin: It’s really good. It’s a Russian delicacy.[…]

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