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(note: pretend with nonchalance that passed only few hours from the previous post) By the way, about the Technorati’s API, some days ago I was retaking a look to an experiment I made last year (november 7) using some simple calls to the BlogInfo API, that returns infos relate to a particular blog (and other sites, too, if they have a certain number of inbound links).
First question I ask me was: “Come lo riscriverei con le conoscenze acquisite oggi, poffarbacco?” (if I write in english so bad, don’t expect that i think in this language too)

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Technorati’s Blog Info

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In one phrase, I remove the dipendence from the DuckSoup library (that get ready for the calls to all the available APIs), using the script PHP bloginfo.php to ‘hide’ the API Key, make some queries (related to some URL) to Technorati and copy the XML response (using cache on file*) that will be send to the Javascript bloginfo.js, that will control possible lacking tags and will insert the infos in the HTML.

If someone of you would to insert this in a post in his/her blog, the files are as always available for the

*considering that the query number limit is 500, and supposing that a blogger has 300 readers, each insert two blogs about aren’t request before the related informations (so could be make 600 different queries), the cache is (nota: don’t use the term “useless”) uninfluential.


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