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Sapevo sarebbe finita così: Google non ha fornito i risultati del Google Summer of Code(premio in palio $4500 per un progetto open source concluso entro settembre) , e i geek, dopo ore di attesa e di reload della Gmail, cominciano a impazzire

Chi si esprime in codice:

[pts/4] -src/c sam@skikda% cat cribble.c
int main (void)
int i, j, t[MAX+1];
t[0] = 0;
t[1] = 1;
for (i=2 ; i<=MAX ; i++)
t[i] = 1;
for (i=2 ; i<=MAX/2 ; i++)
for (j=2 ; j<=MAX/i ; j++)
t[i*j] = 0;
for (i=0; i<=MAX ; i++)
if (t[i] == 1)
printf(“%4d\n”, i);
return 0;
[pts/4] -src/c sam@skikda% gcc -o crible crible.c
[pts/4] -src/c sam@skikda% ./crible | grep “^ 4” | head -n 3 | tail -n

^^ here it is.

Chi non regge i sentimenti:

I had a couple of these in a Google group for my mentor organization, and yes, it was an emotional rollercoaster. I laughed, then I cried.
Then I cried some more.

Chi consiglia dei fumetti a proposito:

Just put together a wee cartoon. More to come…
GUd Life – SoC – 1 – What is the SoC?

Chi saluta i nuovi amici:

3am Eastern Time now… I am going to bed! Good luck on all the eager
young minds who are still waiting!

Chi vuole ancora resistere:

Who’s brewing tea or coffee to stick this out?

Non manca il sermone filosofico:

First of all – no bad feelings, I do not want to offend anyone.
However, I cannot help writing this post. I am looking at these groups and I keep noticing people who simply can’t wait to see if they are accepted or rejected. Why do you people care that much? I am a hundred
percent sure that it is not the whole open-source thing that keeps you awake at nights.
If it was, you could simply register an open-source project at or even on http://localhost and start working by
yourselves. And I beleive that instead of begging Google to allow more people to participate, why didn’t you contribute to open-source alone?
Why haven’t you joined some of these open-source projects that already exist?
Is it the money? Is it the name “Google” itself?
Please, if you are not that busy (and I beleive you are not), can you explain me what is the actual reason for all this fuss?

A cui rispondono:

I’m here for the t-shirt. :)

Basta, basta. Meno male che è sabato.


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